System O Next Generation Enviro-septic

System O)) is Advanced Enviro-Septic Technology

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System O)) is being installed in countries around the world, with more than 200,000 systems installed in North America alone. It is a leading environmentally friendly wastewater treatment system. For anyone concerned about protecting our natural resources, System O)) is perfect for all types of properties – cottages, residential, commercial, and communal systems.

The Technology

Ecological Awareness

How Does It Work?

System O)) is the simplest wastewater treatment system on the market. There are no moving parts and it does not require any washed stone but it is very simple to install. The system produces Level IV quality effluent and yet, does not require any mechanical or electrical parts. PLUS the System O)) often requires less area than other conventional and treatment systems.
Enviro Septic System

Water, water and more water!

If you are not connected to your municipality’s sewer system, your septic tank has to handle all of the wastewater from your home. Think about the total water your family uses on a daily basis: Shower, toilet, dishwasher, laundry, and more! That’s a lot of litres of water per day that need to be put back safely into the environment. A septic tank retains solids, but the liquids must be treated and integrated back into the ground. This is where System O)) innovative solutions come into play. Our system is one that can distribute, treat and infiltrate wastewater in a single system.

Long live bacteria!

The heart of System O)) Septic Systems is the aerobic and anaerobic bacteria that feed on pollutants in the water. Our unique Advanced Enviro-Septic pipes create an ideal environment for these organisms which maximizes the surface area for them to thrive. They control each other to keep the biomass from growing too large and therefore having to be removed.
aerobic and anaerobic bacteria

The Right Sand Bed

The sand, which we call “System Sand” that covers the Advanced Enviro-Septic pipes is an integral part of the treatment. Its role is to allow the water to drain at a specific speed: slowly enough to allow the bacteria to do their job, yet fast enough to avoid flooding. Its granular composition is therefore very distinctive, and very important.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Bacteria need oxygen, whether dissolved for anaerobic bacteria, or in the air for their aerobic cousins. System O)) is ventilated to ensure there is a continuous supply of oxygen for the system.

Fresh air enters through the system’s vent and exits through the house’s roof plumbing vent. That way septic tank odours go up and out, and not through the patio door.

Documentation and Resources

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