Belowground Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Make-Way is the leading distributor in Ontario for BARR Plastics and GRAF rainwater harvesting systems.
GRAF develops and manufactures an extensive range of products for water management. Powered by innovative German design and engineering GRAF systems are the first choice in Rainwater harvesting. Contact our experts to get set up with a complete underground rainwater harvesting system, from tanks to filter packages to pumps, accessories and more.

Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Systems

These systems are commonly used to capture and store rainwater for use in sanitation facilities, manufacturing facilities, heating & cooling applications, and irrigation. The belowground GRAF Filter Chambers and multiple GRAF CARAT Tanks linked together is a typical solution for commercial and industrial Rainwater Harvesting Systems. The system is customizable to accommodate the size of your roof and flow requirements.
GRAF belowground plastic tanks provide broad versatility and flexibility in installation over concrete or metal tanks such as:
  • Ease of fitting placements and penetrations done right on-site to suit site-specific requirements
  • Lightweight tanks allow for less costly equipment for transport and placement
  • Can be placed where other tanks are simply not practical to place
  • Allows for flexibility in the installation schedule due to ease of placement with equipment on-site
  • Highly corrosion resistant
  • Leak-free
  • Easy to Repair

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