January 2024 – Enviro-Post

A new year has begun and we are extremely excited to see what 2024 brings! System O)) continues to be Ontario’s most versatile sewage system!… Read More

October 2023 – Enviro-Post

System O)) is a treatment system.  As per the Ontario Building Code Section, all treatment systems require annual sampling.  System O)) is equipped with a sample device and port that make it very easy to acquire a sample.  Remember-the sample device must………… Read More

August 2023 – Enviro-Post

System O))’s BMEC #23-05-407 for the Standard Configuration application still contains all the awesome features of System O)) that we have all come to know and rely on, however…………. Read More

July 2023 – BMEC Announcement

Special announcement! Our new System O)) BMEC is here.Actually, we now have two BMECs.  This will make System O)) the most versatile sewage treatment system in Ontario…. Read More

July 2023 – Enviro-Post – Passive Treatment

What is a passive wastewater treatment system and why does it matter? In the field of wastewater treatment, “passive” is very desirable! “Passive” treatment means treating or cleaning wastewater without electrical or mechanical components. Wastewater treatment, which is essential to protect the environment and our sources of drinking water, happens naturally within the ………………………… Read More

July 2023 – Enviro-Post – Ventilation

Bacteria in wastewater need oxygen.  Some systems depend on a mechanical aerator that consumes energy (electricity) to introduce dissolved oxygen into their systems. System O)) however, is a passive system that does not require any mechanical or electrical components to treat the sewage.  The system uses the passage of air within the Advanced Enviro-Septic Pipe… Read More