October 2018 – Enviro-Post Newsletter

Our new BMEC has arrived #18-05-386. Successfully passing 1 year of third party testing. Call today for more information, 1.866.MAKEWAY (625.3929). New BMEC changes = Less Pipe + Lower Price… Read More

May 2018 • Enviro-Post Newsletter

Make-Way Environmental Technologies Inc wishes to congratulate OOWA on a very successful conference. It was very well attended despite the weather. It was also very informative. We will look forward to the 20th annual conference in 2019 where the Enviro-Septic System is already signed on as the Platinum Sponsor!… Read More

March 2018 • Enviro-Post Newsletter

A WORLD OF ADVANTAGESTreating Wastewater the way Nature Intended. No electricity, pumps, or motors are required; the system naturally treats and disperses wastewater without noise or energy…. Read More